Staging Your Home

Staging Your Home


This part of preparing your home for sale is the most fun and involves the use of color, lighting and accessories to emphasize the best features of your home.

  • Study magazine ads or furniture showrooms to see how small details can make rooms more attractive and appealing.  The effect of a vase of flowers, an open book on the coffee table, a basket of birch logs by the fireplace, etc. can make the difference in a room.
  • The use of a brightly colored pillow in a wing chair or a throw blanket on a couch can add dimension to a sterile room.
  • Soften potentially offending views, but always let light into your rooms.  Replace heavy curtains with sheer white panels.  Never apologize for things you cannot change.  The buyer will either decide to accept or reject the property regardless of the words you say.  Just present the home in the best possible manner.
  • Go through your photo albums and select pictures of your house and yard during all seasons.  If hung at eye level in a well-lighted area, the pictures will speak for themselves and give you yet another selling angle.
  • Take advantage of natural light as much as possible by cleaning windows, opening shades and drapes, etc.  Add lamps and lighting where necessary.  Be sure that all fixtures are clean and have functioning bulbs.
  • It may be time to put a fresh coat of paint somewhere.  Getting that freshly updated paint job may help brighten a room or put a hint of newness in the air for a potential buyer.

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